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Rules and Bylaws

Local Rules, Ground Rules, and Bylaws

The local rules, ground rules, and bylaws of Rutland Little League are developed, maintained, and approved annually by the Rutland Board of Directors and are not considered part of the Constitution. The local rules of any hometown Little League cannot conflict with Little League Rules, Regulations, or Policies. Local rules, ground rules, and bylaws expire each year (unlike the constitution, which governs the league meetings, etc., until it is amended by the Membership and approved by Regional Headquarters). It is recommended that hometown Little Leagues approve and issue their local rules, ground rules, and bylaws in the winter before the season begins so there is no confusion later on in the season.

The following local rules, ground rules, and bylaws have been approved for Rutland Little Leagues 2016 season:

Policy On Advancing Players To A Higher Division 

In an effort to improve the skills of the players in our league, the Board believes that it is necessary to actively promote those players who are ready for higher levels of competition.  As such, the Player Agent, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, shall coordinate two player evaluations each year to determine the pool of players who are prepared for the next division.

In the Fall, all players whose baseball age in the following season will be 8 or 10 will be invited to participate in an outdoor tryout on a local field.  At that tryout, an independent group of board members (those with no vested interest in either AAA or Little League) will conduct independent evaluations of players.  That group would then identify those players who are guaranteed a spot at the next level in the following season.  The players selected to move up to either AAA or Little League would be notified and would be expected to sign up at that level during the registration period.  Any player not selected for the next level in the fall would still have the opportunity to try-out and advance a level in the spring during spring indoor evaluations.

Only when there is a need to fill roster spaces at the AAA and/or Little League level in order to draft teams rostering a minimum of 11 players each, will the league consider moving players up to higher division. This need is assessed each year and the decision to move players to fill roster spots is determined by a board vote once registration has closed.

If it is determined that there is a need to move players up a division, all second-year players in the particular division that we are pulling from will be notified and given the opportunity to evaluate for one of the available roster openings, if s/he so wishes (these players will not include players selected for advancement in the fall evaluation).  Specifically, this invitation would be extended to all league age 8-year-olds in the AA division for a chance to advance early to AAA; or all league age 10-year-olds in the AAA division for a chance to advance early to Little League.

Coaches in the division drafting players up will evaluate the players who would like to be considered, and then select those players whose skills they deem sufficient to play at the higher level to a pool. Assuming skill is sufficient to play at a higher level, first priority will be given to the "hold backs" in the pool. A hold-back is defined as, for AA players, those league age 8-year-olds who are in third grade but couldn't move up to AAA with their classmates, because they won't turn 9 until after April 30 of the current season, but they will turn 9 before Sept. 1 (beginning of school year); for AAA players, a hold-back is defined as those league age 10-year-olds who are in fifth grade but couldn't move up to Little League with their classmates, because they won't turn 11 until after April 30 of the current season, but they will turn 11 by Sept. 1.

If there are more qualified players than there are roster openings, final determination of which players will be selected to those openings will be determined in the draft, where individual coaches select players to their rosters. For example, if the pool contains 8 players from the lower division, and there are only 3 roster openings, the first 3 players drafted from this pool by a coach in the higher division will move up to the higher level. The remaining 5 pool players will stay at their league-age division.

 Reviewed and approved by Rutland Little League board of directors on September 9, 2015.

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