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All-Star Selection


In the interest of fairness and selecting the highest quality tournament teams, Rutland Little League has modeled its all-star selection process after Little League International’s recommendations for a democratic process to avoid accusations of favoritism or dishonesty that often come when such a selection is left to the sole devices of the Board of Directors and/or team managers.
To that end, Rutland Little League will adhere to the following all-star-selection process, which was duly reviewed and voted in by the Board of Directors for the 2016 season:

  1. After being informed of the all-star selection criteria and process by a league officer at a special team meeting, all players and team managers in each division (AAA and Little League) are given a ballot that lists each player in his division. 
  2. Each player and team manager may select up to 18 players with a minimum of 10 across all teams in his division, who he feels is worthy of all-star honors after considering the criteria. Each is asked to select players who excel in a variety of areas including: 

    a) Fundamental skills (hitting, pitching, fielding, base running, stealing, sliding, etc.)

    b) Consistency and precision in overall performance (Did the player consistently make contact when at bat and get on base? Is the player’s head in the game? Does he often make smart decisions, good plays and few errors defensively?)

    c) Adaptability, versatility and flexibility (Often players who make an all-star team don’t get to play the position that he played all season. Can the player quickly adapt to a different position and is he willing to do so? Can he take on an outfield position, just as well as an infield position?)

    d) Positive attitude, leadership and SPORTSMANSHIP are other qualities considered.
  3. Once all the ballots have been collected, several members of the board of directors who DO NOT have a child being considered in said division, are appointed to count the votes together. The top-30 vote-getters become the ALL STAR SELECTION POOL. After the pool has been determined, the Board of Directors has the right to add a player to ALL STAR SELECTION POOL, should the Board majority agree that a player was unfairly omitted from the pool due to factors that may be judged to be discriminatory. If the board decides to take such action, no player voted into the top-30 by managers and peers will be removed from the pool to make room; instead the pool number would simply increase to 31 all-star candidates. In should be noted that selection to the ALL STAR SELECTION POOL does not guarantee a player a spot on an all-star team.
  4. A-TEAM SELECTION: Rutland fields an A and a B all-star tournament team at both the Little League and AAA divisions. From the ALL STAR SELECTION POOL, the top-10 vote-getters selected by their peers and team managers are locked in for spots on the A team. Then an A-Team All-Star Manager is selected by a vote by the board of directors from the list of managers/coaches who sought the position. To avoid charges of favoritism/nepotism, it is in the best interest of the board that the manager/coach who is ultimately selected to manage the all-star team has a child who was selected into the top 10 by his peers and team managers. (If none of the all-star manager candidates’ kids make the top 10, then the board must consider another route, usually giving it to the candidate whose child received the most votes. Nevertheless, the ultimate decision is the sole right and discretion of the Board of Directors.) The Board-appointed all-star manager then seeks input—either one-on-one or in a group meeting—from the regular-season managers and coaches before he selects additional players from the ALL STAR SELECTION POOL to round out his roster. However, in the end, the all-star manager is given carte blanche to select the final players from the official all-star pool to his roster. It is up to him to decide who he believes will best round out the top 10 selected by players and managers, and he decides how many additional players he will take, although the final number on the roster shall not exceed 15. The A-Team manager submits his final roster to the Board of Directors for approval.
  5. B-TEAM SELECTION: After the A-Team rosters have been finalized and approved, B-Team selection can commence. As far as building the B teams, the same process for choosing a manager follows—if the favored candidate’s child didn’t garner enough votes from managers and peers to make the ALL STAR SELECTION POOL, he doesn’t get the team, UNLESS, he is okay with coaching a team that his child is not on. The B team manager is given more flexibility in choosing his team because when you get toward the middle and end of the pool, there’s lots of two-way, three-way, even four-way ties and, as the talent and skills of these players tend to be less all-around and consistent, it is a more challenging endeavor to field a solid team in regards to positions. But even though it is not require that the B-Team manager take the remaining top 10 vote-getters in the ALL STAR SELECTION POOL, he is strongly encouraged to do so. In any case, at least 10 players must be selected from those candidates who remain in the ALL STAR SELECTION POOL after the A-Team has been finalized. Unlike the A-Team Manager, the B-Team Manager may select players outside of the ALL STAR SELECTION POOL, but ONLY after he has exhausted all efforts to recruit his team from the top-30. The B-Team Manager decides how many additional players he will take, although the final number on the roster shall not exceed 15 players; final roster must be submitted to Board of Directors for approval.
  6. And finally, players selected to an all-star team must be 100 percent committed to making all scheduled games and practices. In response to the increased costs associated with tournament play, beginning in 2016, there will be a $75 fee for each player to play on an All-Star team.  In addition, at least one parent from each all-star player is expected to volunteer to work the All-Star Concessions during Rutland’s Fourth of July festivities, which usually take place July 2-4. This is part of the 100 percent all-star commitment.

There are also criteria for selection that Little League International says we must adhere to: Eligibility, Availability, and Ability.

Eligibility refers to:

  1. Age
  2. Participation in 60% of the regular season (as of the date the Tournament Teams are announced) in that division. 
    1. The RLLB Board of Directors may waive the requirement for registered to participate in 60 percent of their teams regular season games for illness or injury.  However, for such a waiver to be granted, a physician’s note must be obtained that documents the timeframe from which the player was prohibited from participation in games/practices and the note must also state that the player has been released for full participation as a player.
  3. Residence, as defined in the Operating Manual and Rulebooks (or a letter from Regional Headquarters specifically noting the eligibility of that player for that division in that league and in that year)

Availability refers to whether the candidate will be able to practice and play with the team. Will the player be away on vacation during some or all practices/games? If so, the league may wish to disqualify the player from consideration.
Ability is solely in the opinion of those making the selections.


The selection of the manager and coaches for all-star tournament teams is up to the Board of Directors. A Tournament Team manager or coach must have been an eligible manager or coach in that division of the league during the regular season (unless, of course, no one fitting the criteria wants the job).

All interested candidates are invited to submit a written letter of interest to the Board of Directors, citing their coaching philosophies, experience and any other criteria that they would like the Board to consider before making the all-star manager selection.


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